Canada public hearing

Songwriters testify to support Canadian and Indigeneous content investment in Canada

On November 23rd, MCNA member organisation Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) participated in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) public hearing in Gatineau, Quebec. The hearing was regarding the development of a regulatory framework on contributions supporting Canadian and Indigenous content.

MCNA Co-Chair and SAC Past President and Director Greg Johnston testified on behalf of ACCORD, a coalition representing 185,000 English and French-Canadian songwriters, composers, and music publishers, about the Policy Direction for the Online Streaming Act.

Greg drew attention from the committee that Canadian Content Development investments “elevate Canadian voices, foster diversity, encourage innovation, facilitate export of Canadian intellectual property and talent, direct millions into the creative economy, provide jobs and opportunities, and allow us to forge our unique cultural identity as Canadians.”

The objective should result in increased representation of Canadian and Indigenous music and to help sustain strong Canadian creative industry companies. This can be done through increasing market share of Canadian content on digital platforms and increasing contributions into the broadcasting system to invest in Canadian music.

Greg went into detail on where contributions should go to maximize the benefit towards creators. He emphasized that needs should be decided by Canadian organisations that have a track record as they are the most proper entities to successfully support the Canadian industry and ensure funds are properly distributed in the country.

SOCAN Legal Counsel Fraser Turnbull, SPACQ Executive Director Ariane Charbonneau, and APEM General Manager Jerome Payette also testified during the public hearing.

The hearing can be viewed here.