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CIAM welcomes the adoption of the EU AI Act

Created in 1966, the International Council of Music Creators is the global unified voice of music creators. CIAM advocates for the cultural and professional aspirations of music creators from all regions and cultures.


CIAM welcomes the approval of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act by the European Parliament on March 13th. We are encouraged by the efforts of Members of the European Parliament by placing creators at the heart of legislation to lay a framework for regulating AI.


The AI Act sets an example for governing this rapidly evolving technology. It provides guidance for creators to enforce rights, including requirements for General Purpose AI providers to detail works used for training AI models. Transparency on the ingestion or use of creative works by AI has been a major concern of creators worldwide.


The Act also includes a provision that General Purpose AI providers must comply with EU law. This seeks to ensure that non-EU-based AI platforms and technologies will have to comply with the EU Act’s provisions.


CIAM President Eddie Schwartz said: “We would like to thank the European Parliament for adopting legislation regulating AI. Music creators worldwide have serious concerns regarding attribution of our works, and the fact that the EU has put transparency rules in place on AI platforms is an important step forward. Without the ability for our works to be indentified on both the ingestion and output stages of generative AI, fair licensing and remuneration for individual human creators from these new technologies is not possible. On behalf of music creators, we collectively call for proper, effective measures to be put in place and implemented globally following this important first step taken by Members of the European Parliament.”