2023 CIAM General Assembly

Music creators from across the world to descend upon Montreal for 2024 CIAM General Assembly this October

CIAM, the International Council for Music Creators, has announced that it will be holding its 2024 General Assembly in one of the most vibrant, cultural cities in the world: Montreal.


Co-hosted by Canadian authors’ rights society SOCAN, the CIAM General Assembly will take place on October 23rd and 24th at Centre PHI. The assembly gathers invited music creators from CISAC societies and member alliances for two-days of keynotes, panels, and discussions treating emerging and pressing issues affecting the sector. An international women’s songwriting camp, organized by CIAM, SOCAN and Canadian music creator organizations, will take place in conjunction with the CIAM GA.


The 2023 General Assembly took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It featured a keynote from Vanderbilt University Law School Professor Daniel Gervais, PhD, on artificial intelligence and its impact on copyright and creators. The first international women’s songwriting camp was held concurrently to help draw attention to gender equity and to boost awareness about the challenges faced by women in music.