APMA CIAM Korea Creators Joint Meeting

APMA welcomes Korea creators and CIAM to joint meetings in Seoul

Surrounding the 2024 CISAC General Assembly, hosted by KOMCA, the global music creator community has come together in Seoul for key meetings treating regional and worldwide priorities. The Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA) led several events on May 29th to highlight its activities in the region, shine a spotlight on issues concerning the sector, and ensure voices of Asia-Pacific creators are heard.
Following a welcoming speech from CIAM President Eddie Schwartz, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) Copyright Bureau Director General Jung Hyang Mi presented at the joint meeting of APMA, CIAM, and Korean music creators. The Director General detailed the Copyright Bureau’s structure, role, and responsibilities within the Ministry. For this meeting, Korean music creators were invited and participated to talk about how the alliance can protect and promote authors’ rights. The creators also learned about CIAM and AMPA’s recent and current activities, including how the organisations are addressing artificial intelligence.
APMA also held its Executive Committee meeting in Seoul on May 29th. Executive Committee members reviewed the donation of USD50,000 to the collective management organisation of Macau, MACA. The donation will support development of royalty distribution systems for several countries including Laos, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and so on. It will help the CMOs in those countries to improve operations for local as well as international creators through improvements to accuracy and transparency in royalty distributions.
APMA, which promotes the protection, enforcement and expansion of the rights and interests of music creators, is a partner of CIAM. APMA represents creators in 22 countries and regions.

Additional photos of the meetings can be viewed here and below.