About CIAM

The International Council Of Music Authors (CIAM) was created in 1966 to protect the rights and assert the cultural aspirations of music creators, CIAM focuses on the key issues directly concerning the moral rights of composers and creators of music. It promotes their professional, economic and legal interests and serves as a forum for cooperation and networking. It facilitates the exchange of information, ideas and best practice, and provides practical advice to help musical creators defend their professional environment.

The essential mission of CIAM is to unify the voice of music creators of all repertoires and to be the worldwide umbrella organisation for composers and creators of music. Within this are three core objectives:

CIAM Protects and Promotes the Rights of Music Creators Across the World


CIAM was founded in 1966 as a primarily European organisation with the occasional presence of creators from other parts of the world. As the European Union expanded and a new continental government structure was formed, a numbers of music creators including CIAM members identified a new need from music creators. In addition to the focus on collective management societies, a wider independent lobbying effort was required to promote cultural projects with the Brussels parliament. As a result, the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) was officially founded in 2007.

The Seville Strategy

The success of ECSA showed that at the European level, it was possible to hear and unify the voice of music creators across a more diffused range of issues. Rather than duplicate these efforts, CIAM’s executive committee moved to broaden its reach to adopt a worldwide remit.

In 2010 this led to the formulation of CIAM’s “Seville strategy”. Its essential points were:

  • To stimulate and support the birth of new continental alliances based on the ECSA model (democratic, all repertoire, representative)
  • To bring the unified voice of music creators to the CISAC board, WIPO and local government level
  • To seek independent financing in order to reach the above goals

International Expansion

During the Seville meetings, CIAM also worked to address the need for an independent alliance in Africa. At the end of 2010, the Pan-African Composer and Songwriter alliance (PACSA) was founded and to celebrate, the next CIAM congress was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

During this congress, attention also turned to the plight of composers and songwriters in Latin America and for the first time in CIAM history, an African and a Latin-American creator were elected to the CIAM Executive Committee. Work started immediately on a new Latin-American Alliance (ALCAM) that was then launched in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August 2012.

Shortly after, CIAM was delighted to see artists’ guilds from the US and Canada align and form Music Creators North America (MCNA).
These four alliances in Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America are vital partners for CIAM today.