Born in the city of Buenos Aires on 18 October 1958, he is the son of Juan Carlos Saravia and María Susana Arias Uriburu. He attended primary and secondary school at the San Agustín School in the Federal Capital.

At the beginning of 1980 he joined the Argentinean folk group Los Chalchaleros as a member.

In 1995, he released his first solo album, Transparencias, with his own songs. He obtained gold record and was nominated as a revelation that year, being the first in the folk genre to sing against drugs in his zamba Después del resplandor.

In 1997 he released his second solo CD called Artesanos de la Voluntad and began touring the country performing in different places. He won the Santa Clara de Asís and Madre María de la Música awards.

In 1999, together with Yamila Cafrune, he recorded De changuitos y chinitas with the Miguel Gómez Carrillo boys' choir, an album nominated for the Carlos Gardel awards for music of the year 2000. All this always in parallel to his main activity as a member of the group Los Chalchaleros.

In 2002 he released his solo album Facundo, seeking in this new stage to achieve a place within folklore as a soloist and to continue with themes that concern him, such as En Espera, a song referring to organ donation, or the zamba Viejo amigo, dedicated to the elderly who do not have the attention they deserve.

He retires from the stage in 2018.


  • Transparencias (1995)
  • Artesanos de la voluntad (1997),
  • De changuitos y chinitas (Together with Yamila Cafrune)
  • Facundo (2002)
  • Por esas cosas de vida (2004)
  • Estaba cantado (2006)
  • Buenas costumbres (2008)
  • Rasgos Naturales (2011)
  • Tierra Salta 2013
Facundo Saravia